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Wedding Preparations
Binary Oppostition
The Wagogo Tribe


The Wagogo tribe is truly different from ones own customs, traditions, and society, yet it truly has helped open ones eyes to many different cultures and traditions. With the evaluation and dissection of the Wagogo traditions the binary opposition and deconstruction was portrayed. This contradiction to what ones own beliefs and customs are helps one explore and expand their knowledge of other cultures. Deconstruction of the Wagogo tribe helps one respect and gets to know the customs that other groups around the world may have and how different they are to ones own. In conclusion the overall analysis and evaluation of the Wagogo tribe has truly been an eye opener. It has helped one not take ones society and customs for granted, for often when they could be worse than expected. With this study it had made ones mind and thought travel to a different culture and experience their way of life. This can inspire the mind to evaluate and analyze other cultures to find the binary opposition and deconstruction and take in the information to better educate ones self.


Work Cited

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(Word Count: 3,103)