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Wedding Preparations
Binary Oppostition
The Wagogo Tribe


There are many tribes all around the world and each has its own characteristics that make it unique amongst the rest. These small groups of people, called tribes, have always interested the people of metropolitan life and will continue to amaze us with their customs and beliefs. They seem to intrigue us because of the fact that they have different customs and traditions to our own. Among the many tribes that catch our attention the Wagogo tribe, also known as the gogo tribe, is one that does not stand far behind the rest. The Wagogo tribe is one of the numerous tribes that are found in Africa. Tanzania is the home of where most of the Wagogo tribe members can be found. Like all tribes, religions, or other social groups the Wagogo tribe shares a common bond of customs, traditions, and celebrations. As one looks deeper and examines the Wagogo tribe the differences in their customs and traditions is evident and stands out form our own. One celebration that is truly different from our own is that of the celebration of marriage. Marriage is the coming together of two people, one male and one female, to share in love. While examining the marriage traditions and customs of the Wagogo tribe binary opposition and deconstruction can also be seen.