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Wedding Preparations
Binary Oppostition
The Wagogo Tribe



After looking into and analyzing many of the customs and traditions of the Wagogo tribe the binary oppositions have been established. Now that the binary oppositions have been expressed it is time to see the deconstruction present in them. The binary opposition about how each male and female are treated and taken care of as they are initiated and get ready for marriage. The male in this case is taken care of better than the female. Yet the deconstruction that can be established is that usually in todays society the female is usually the gender that is well taken care of, although things may change in society the female is usually treated better and is pampered.

In the case of negotiation for the marriage females are treated as cattle and do not gain any power or expect. The deconstruction seen in this is pretty obvious simply because there are not any negotiations to be made between families in todays society. If there are any negotiations made having to do with the marriage it may be who pays for the ceremony if it hasnt already been established. When the subject of how many lovers or sexual partners a Wagogo male may have the deconstruction is tremendously seen. In society today at least in the United States the legal and moral thing to do is have only one lover or sexual partner in a marriage. Not only does this issue not seem correct it is not how a marriage should be run. It should be a coming together of two people not of several people. Location of a home should not be a problem when forming a marriage. That is why the deconstruction of this issue is that now a day it has become common to live close to family members. This is not something that should be taken into consideration because a home is a home not a matter if your in-laws or parents live next door or not. The final issue that deconstruction can be seen is that of who supports the household. In Wagogo customs the male supports the family while the female stays home and plays housewife. The deconstruction is that in todays society it is more and more common to see females supporting the household. This is also because both male and female share the expenses of the household and both ware the pants in the household. Not only is the household expenses equally divided but also are the household chores and responsibilities. Unlike how the Wagogo tribe sees it that the women do the housework in society today it is equally divided. This evaluation and analysis of the Wagogo tribe has helped establish the many binary oppositions and deconstructions present in the Wagogo society.