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Wedding Traditions through the Years
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They are having a great time at they grandaughters wedding.

Grandparents and their grandson
Here I am with my grandparents at a party.

            My grandparents wedding was very unlike the traditional wedding everyone thinks about. They both lived in Havana, Cuba at the time and their economic standing was not at its best. Due to the fact that they didnt have a lot of money and the condition and situation that Cuba had started going through they ideas of a nice wedding soon became only a dream and not a reality. When getting married became something they both wanted to do, they thought of how they could afford to get married without having the huge expenses of one. So they decided to have a civil ceremony. This means that they went to court house and exchanged vows in front of a judge and got married. This simple ceremony was the only thing that sounded economical and quick to do without breaking the bank. It was very untraditional because of the fact that it was not held in a church as all weddings usually took place but their bond was still there. My grandmother, Luisa, talked to me and told me how she would have liked the wedding to be like if they had the money to have it. Like mostly all women, she wanted a nice ceremony in a church where she could share this special day with her friends and family. The ceremony would then be followed by a fun and beautiful party. She told me that although she didnt get the beautiful white gown or the religious ceremony or the lavish party the love that they shared was evident and was stronger than any beautiful white gown or religious ceremony or even a lavish party to celebrate the bond. This shows how material things didnt really have any purpose in their generation.

            After my grandparents had my mother they lived in Havana, Cuba until my mother, Sandra, was five. They left Havana, Cuba and headed toward the United States of America in hopes of making a better future for themselves and hoping to follow the American dream. Since the economic standing of Cuba was going down they decided to leave before Fidel Castro came into power and make things worse for them. They moved from Havana, Cuba to Miami, FL. Here they were given freedom and gave them the opportunity to make a name for themselves. My grandparents worked hard and soon made a better economic standing for themselves. They were able to provide more for my mother, their daughter, than their parents were able to do for them. When it came time for my mother to get married the generation had obviously changed and so had the economic standing.