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Wedding Traditions through the Years
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My parents, Sandra and Jorges, wedding was much different than that of my grandparents. They also had a civil ceremony but instead of having it in a court house they had the ceremony at home with family and friends. One of the reasons for this was because my mother had been previously married so she could not be married by the church at the time. They had the ceremony and then only had a small reception after were thy only had a toast and gave their blessings. They didnt have a big ceremony and there wasnt the issue of having a white gown, a big ceremony, or even a party. Thy kept it intimate as a wedding should be. Once again it didnt matter how the wedding was done but what really mattered was there, the fact that it was two individuals coming together in a special bond called love. Later in their future they got married though the church but once again it was not a lavish wedding or anything of that nature. Just as simple as the ceremony at home was the church ceremony was just the same. Unlike my grandparents my parents had the opportunity to have not only a civil ceremony but also a religious one. Although the religious ceremony took place and the economic standing was better there was still no big party after to celebrate. After the religious ceremony their once again was only a toast to congratulate not only my parents but the two families that were coming together.

Mom and Dad on their happy day
They toast for a long happy life together.

Mom, Grandmother and Grandfather
Here my grandparents are walking my mother down to give her away to my father.

Mom and Dad
My father putting the ring on my mother as a sign of love and marriage.