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Wedding Traditions through the Years
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In ones life there are many different experiences and traditions that one eventually goes through. These experiences and traditions change from family to family and from generation to generation. Like all experiences and traditions wither they are birthday traditions, family traditions or religious traditions while still changing through the years they all have a similarity. One of these traditions that truly has changed through the years is the traditions of a wedding and a marriage. From generation to generation traditions, as all things, change and develop unique adjustments to make each generations traditions different from the one before. These wedding traditions are not only what changes through the years, but also does the tradition of a marriage. Marriage changes through the years because of how the society changes as well. Since every wedding and marriage traditions change and vary from people to people I have chosen to share the wedding and marriage traditions that have been found from generation to generation in my family.

            A wedding is an event in ones life that people look forward to experiencing and taking part in. Weddings are a time when families and friends come together to share in the bond between two people who love each other very much.  From family to family wedding traditions may change because of culture and religion. Not only does the culture of a family change the outcome of how a wedding is done but also does the economic standing in which the family may be living in. The outcome of how a wedding takes place is heavily based on the economic standing of how the two people and their families are. For instance a family who comes from a wealthy background may have a very lavish ceremony and party after they have celebrated this joyous occasion. Other families who are not as wealthy may celebrate this occasion very simply and not as lavish and grand as those families who can afford to spend outrageous amounts of money on one special day.

This, as many things, that go into a wedding such as traditions may change from generation to generation. In my family this is one difference that is found from generation to generation. The way in which my grandparents got married is different from the way my parents got married. This is also evident when you compare how my parents got married and then how my sisters got married and eventually in the future how I will get married. The differences were evident because of the change in the economic standing from generation to generation. The changes had to do with the fact that my grandparents were not as economically stable as my parents and I have been able to become.

Lissette and Gus
The happy couple after the ceremony.