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Wedding Traditions through the Years
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The changes from generation to generation have been very clear until now about how a wedding was and is but it is only one of the two differences found. The second difference or change it how a marriage is. A marriage is different form a wedding. A marriage is what a wedding is all about. The wedding is just how one chooses to get married. It is the events that happen basically on the first hours of marriage to put it in simple terms, it is just how one chooses to celebrate marriage. Marriage is also another thing that has changed through generations. The roles that the man and the woman have in a marriage is what has changed drastically from generation to generation.

For example when my grandparents got married the role of the man and the woman was different to how it is in the present day. Back then it was usually the fact that the man would go out and work and the woman would stay home and do house work. This was the case when they lived in Havana, Cuba but when they came to the United States things had to begin to change if they wanted to improve economically. My grandmother also worked. She was a hairstylist in a salon on Miami Beach. My grandfather also worked to bring home money and help support the family. The womans role was to make sure she had dinner on the table when the man got home from work and was also to do house work. While the mans role was to support his family by bringing in the money. Obviously that wasnt he case with my grandparents a hundred percent because my grandmother worked but it was close because she still was the only one who did the housework and the cooking.

As it came time for my parents to get married the role of the man and the woman was a little different from how they were when my grandparents got married, although they hadnt changed that much. The role of the man was still to go out and get the money and support his family but women were suddenly also doing the same. It was more popular for both parties in the marriage to work. The fact was is that if both man and woman would work that would mean more money in the household and would help bring their economic standing higher. About the only thing that didnt really change that much is the issue of the house work. The woman still had mostly all of the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids. Although the difference from my grandparents generation to my parents generation was not a big one it can still establish how generations to come would be changing.


Lissette and Gus dance
They share some tears as they dance their first dance as husband and wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Cruz cut the wedding cake

Lissette and Dad dance
My father dances with Lissette and realizes that his little girl is all grown up.

Finally it is my generations turn to get married. In my generation the role of women and men in a marriage has change completely. Almost all women have jobs and help support the family. The men are not the only ones who bring in the money to help keep the house going in order. Sometimes it is even seen that the woman is bringing in more money than the man. Another one of the changes that is clearly seen different from the other generations is how the house work has been distributed between both men and women. The women in this generation are now not the only ones who cook, clean, and take care of the children. Actually it is sometimes seen that the man is the one who stays home and cooks, cleans, and takes care of the children while the woman is out and earning good money to support the family. The distribution of housework is usually based on a fifty- fifty type of deal. Being equal with the housework also helps relieve the work from one person to another.

The changes in the roles of both men and women have changed in a marriage but their love for one another is still strong. The changes of each role is not so much a big difference in my grandparents generation to my parents generation but the difference is definitely seen from my parents generation to my generation.

Although there are many changes that can be found in a wedding and a marriage from generation to generation they all share a bond that units them. The fact that it is the coming together of two individuals and their families to share the love the two individuals have for one another. Though things change from generation to generation every generation can look back and reflect and learn from what the previous generations have gotten married and had their weddings. We all learn form not only our experiences but also from that of others. One thing that make my parents generation very different form my own generation is that if it wasnt for them leaving Havana, Cuba and coming to the United States of America who know how different my generations traditions would be like. Would they be the same as how they are known or would they be much different? I believe they would be much different because of how Im sure the economic standing would be like in Cuba, poor. So most likely the wedding traditions of my parents and grandparents generation would not be as different as the ones of my generation as it is today.

As generations change and cultures change so will the wedding traditions and also the marriage traditions change. These changes will help make each generation unique and different from the past generations. One element that should never be forgotten and hopefully will never be forgotten is the true meaning of a wedding and marriage. This one element is that the present generation realizes that a wedding and a marriage is the coming together of two individual by love and their families. This bond between two individuals is what should always be the strongest element in marriage for it is what will keep the marriage going strong for many years to come. The longer that each generation shows their love for their spouse the more new generations can look up to and strive to be the same. Each generation is an example for the one that follows it so each generation should strive to be the best that they can be.       




Lissette and Gus leaving
There they go off to their honeymoon and on their new journey together as husband and wife.