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Wedding Traditions through the Years
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My Generation

As the years past my parents eventually had three kids, the youngest of them being myself. The new generation had been born and so had a new economic standing. When it came time for both of my sisters to get married the issue of a wedding was extremely important. Suddenly the wedding gown, the flowers, the place, the favors, the reception, the photographer, and so much more came to be more of an importance. In previous generations never had the wedding been such a big deal as how important it was for both of my sisters. When both of my sisters got married they got a beautiful and expensive gown to wear on the special day. The actual ceremony was without a doubt in a church. Never did they question having a civil ceremony. The small details to what a wedding was in previous generations suddenly became big issues in the wedding. Both of my sisters had a religious church ceremony, followed by a big party to celebrate the coming together of two individuals and their families. The party didnt consist of a small gathering of friends and family but more like a gathering of about a hundred individuals or more. The party also wasnt just to get together and toast it consisted of a sit down dinner and dancing.

The differences from a wedding tradition truly had a huge change form generation to generation. Among all of the differences that were found in the wedding celebration one element that stood out from the rest was the dancing part of it. This dealt with having different type of music played though out the celebration. The couple who got married danced to a special song that they chose that helps describe their feelings and emotions or just how romantic their lives have been until the point that they united as one. Unlike previous generations, my generation not only express their love for one another visually but also through music. This special song signifies their love and coming together. Though there are many elements to my generations idea of a wedding to that of previous generations they all share one thing the love and bond shared by two individuals and their families. The differences are evident though the course of planning a wedding has overtaken the true meaning of a wedding or marriage for my generation. One can begin to think that because ones economic standing is better than what the previous generations was they should be able to have the opportunity to live the previous generations dream of how a wedding is always dreamed to be like. Although the love and bond of the two individuals is very important and is seen that way to my generation it hasnt become the most important and significant thing looked at, the ceremony and celebration for it has. Hopefully when it is my turn to get married I can pay more attention to the love between me and my wife than paying more attention to how we will have our wedding.


Lissette and Gus
Here they are participating in the religious ceremony.

Lissette and Gus exiting the church after the beautiful ceremony.

The Wedding Court
The wedding court is happy to have been a part of this special day.

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